How you formulate the perfect title of your thesis

Published on August 21, 2018 Franziska Pfeiffer. Date updated: August 29, 2019

You’ve already worked out the topic of your thesis or Master’s thesis, but now needs the appropriate title?

The title should reflect the content of your dissertation or thesis short and concise. At best, he buy custom essay writing makes the reader also curious to read your thesis.


This makes a meaningful title

The title of your thesis or Master’s thesis will be read on your diploma. Even more important that you thus leaves a good impression.

A meaningful title should have the following features:

  • Do not use complicated terms or abbreviations, even if they can be assumed to be common knowledge in your department, for. As SMEs (small and medium enterprises) so it should be advertised in the title in a bachelor thesis in business administration.
  • explanatory
    The title itself should be understood by non-specialists and also yield before reading the entire work for themselves sense.
  • the contents to the point
    There are no official rules regarding the length of the title, but you lose from a length of 8-12 words, the interest of the readers. The title should succinctly fit on the cover page of your thesis or dissertation and ideally not take several lines.
  • The reader should develop interest in the topic of your dissertation or thesis without you ever anticipate taking the results. You have the title Do not expand your overall research question, but can combine them easier.


A theory-based analysis of user behavior of users of the social network Facebook on the basis of uses-and-gratifications approach in the months of January to August 2018

So we use social media – an analysis of user behavior of Facebook users


Your readers curious does not mean to write sensational title. It finally is a thesis in which you are scientific procedure and No headline .


scandal at VW! How much has the reputation of the automaker suffered?
Reputation Management at VW – A qualitative analysis of the crisis communication of the automaker

Depending on which field you write your dissertation or thesis, it may be that your supervisor can you some flexibility in your title. Especially in the humanities and artistic programs a little creativity is often allowed. In any case, your supervisor must approve your title.


Evergreen or one-hit wonder? Careers of musicians

A suitable title formulate

Once you know now, what makes a good title, it goes to formulating your own title for the dissertation and master’s thesis.

The title of your thesis can take three different forms:

  • title can consist of nouns
    z. B. The relationship between stress and alcohol use among students.
  • title is a statement
    z. As stress increases alcohol use among students.
  • title asks a question
    z. B. slopes stress and alcohol use among students together?

Is your thesis properly?

Average contains a thesis 150 error per 1,000 words .

Curious? Move the slider from left to right!

procedure with a caption explaining

The combination of titles and subtitles is a good way to make your title both appealing and informative.

The title you can hold in general to address the subtitle on your course of action.

  • your title you mention the topic of your thesis or Master’s thesis.
  • the subtitle you mention how you will research this issue.

This variant is also recommended, if you can not accommodate in under 8-12 words all the important information.


Title : Employer Branding
subtitles : How uses company XY social media as part of their communication strategy


Then the title should be only

It may be that you open up the final title and only at the end of your dissertation or thesis. There you will have a better overview of your text and know exactly in which direction your research goes.

However, many are faced with the challenge of having to choose prior to signing of the Bachelor thesis or Master’s thesis for a title. At many universities, the title can still change only through a formal application after login.

In this case, it makes most sense to opt up for the combination of the title and subtitle. The subtitle namely does not have to on the registration form and can be added later released. The main title can then refer to the general topic of your thesis or Master’s thesis, because it is in the course of your research unlikely to change.


Title : Multimedia police
subtitles : state of the art and current developments


Some universities also give you the opportunity to book your dissertation or thesis with a working title and then to change this later released.

In any case, you should check the guidelines of your university to make sure if and how you can still customize the title.


Checklist: Title thesis

The content of your thesis or Master’s thesis is played short and concise.

The title is no longer than 12 words.

The title is self-explanatory.

You make your readers curious.

The title fits flush on your cover page.

You have denied the title with your supervisor.

Congratulations to the title of your thesis! Still use the other checklists to improve your final paper.