What should your English essay look like?

Knowledge of all the rules and patterns of essay writing is essential for admission and study in the US and UK. In addition to being popular with other countries, it is increasingly occurring and required by students at home. The author should elaborate a short scientific work from his / her point of view, generally assess the situation, express his / her own opinion or criticize the subject if he / she has sufficient objective and versatile information. You cannot learn the essay students are at a great disadvantage because they have not developed critical thinking such as pupils in Western countries since childhood. All written works for a student mean essentially one-word answers, definitions or delusions, which they learn from the teacher’s often incorrect interpretation. In addition, the test often requires a precise definition before explaining it in your own words. Not only do the teachers and their students not converse on the topic and ask their opinion, the student has also learned the method: “write as you hear” and not even think about what he writes, or even about what they learn. I would definitely not want to generalize this statement and I would like to point out that a number of schools have joined the modern education and training system for students. This also includes a slightly different form of exam – an essay. What Essay should look like is a literary journalistic genre of medium length, and yours will be defined by the exact number of words in the assignment. It is obvious that the given number has no meaning only as a minimum amount of work, but also as the maximum length of the text. Here, try to cross as little as possible if you don’t want to collect penalty points for both the length of the text and the number of other potential errors. Also note that any illegible letter means another mistake for you. It’s ridiculous, nowadays computers evaluate the calligraphy, but it is. After all, if you are writing your computer work, be careful to insert spaces between words, brackets, dots, commas, etc. In addition, you must be careful about using formal expressions, which may be a problem if you are not proficient in the language. Abbreviations using the apostles are also forbidden. Your scientific work should also be divided into paragraphs. You can mention your own experience, but first you should fulfill the assignment and not let the jury experience the holiday experience. You should look for connections in broader circles, comment on the solution to the problem, and ask questions – can you interview yourself and the reader. You do not have to invent a new solution. How to Arrange Arguments At the beginning, define the goals of your work to be addressed. The main part of your work will be a sort of chapter that you should divide into two if you deal with pros and cons. The question is still whether to start with the better side of things or vice versa. If we assume that your attitude to the matter is positive, it is clear that you will finally mention the situation in your conclusion and summarize it, so it should follow up on your opinion in the previous text. So we put minuses on the first place of the main part of your work and move on to the same oriented conclusion in the second part. ** Tips and Tricks ** If you don’t know how to start or stop your work, I have prepared a small glossary for you: Introducing a presentation: I am going to talk about … I would like to write something about … Starting your topic: So, what can I say about …? Speaking personally, … First item: To begin with … First item: To begin with … Last item: To finish with … Of course, the jury will also evaluate the words you choose, so you should choose a wide range of equivalents to avoid repeating the same meaning. More complex and longer sentence will help the reader to navigate the text and enrich it stylistically. All this can affect the final grade. Thus, it does not have to consist solely of the logic and readability of the text as a literary work.